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These are difficult times, and now more than ever what the world needs is ART.

I myself am finding social distancing very challenging. The arts are inherently creative and social, and not being able to see my colleagues and friends in person feels unnatural. But there is a very bright side to this dark time. So many creative people are harnessing the opportunity to find new ways to grow as artists and share their work, from humble post off songs and poems, to online performances of Shakespeare!

And just as my colleagues I adapt our creative practice, I am adapting my teaching practice, too. All lessons, be they singing, English, speaking or acting, can now be taken online via Zoom. All you need is an internet connection, a web-cam, and a speaker.

My students and I are finding that online lessons aren't just a solve for now, but have genuine benefits for all time. For me as a teacher, taking my hands and eyes off the piano and devoting all my attention to you and your voice emanating from my computer means I can catch technical areas for improvement much quicker! And students are finding that learning from the comfort of their own home means they can relax in their lessons like never before.

Even if you've never had a singing lesson before, now is a great time to channel your creativity into learning a new skill. 

We need to keep finding our voices and telling our stories. Get in touch and let me help you find your voice and share your story.



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