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Find your voice in 2020 - New year special

The new year is fast approaching, and with it the dreaded yearly ritual of resolution-making. Rather than the usual lose weight / exercise more / drink less, I humbly suggest a deeper pursuit:

Find. Your. Voice. 

Singing has incredible benefits to your psychological and physical health, from it's power as a natural anti-depressant, to the gentle work out your whole body enjoys in a singing session.

Do it in the shower as part of your morning routine. Do it while you clean. Have a croon in the car. Gather some friends and pull out a guitar. 

You'll be surprised how good you feel after a good warble. 

If you want some pointers before you call your mates for a jam session, email me with "find your voice 2020" as the subject line before January 15 and book in two sessions for the price of one (new students only). 

Happy new year. May it be full of song. 


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